Saturday, 21 September 2013

Stonehenge: Solving the Neolithic Universe (Expanded Edition)

New version published 21-22/09/2013:
156 pages, 114 illustrations and 243 notes cross-referencing to 46 reference works on Stonehenge (it's much more heavyweight than the original booklet version).   

Available on Amazon, only over equinox 2013: for £3.99 (including delivery in UK): Solving the Neolithic Universe Expanded Edition (about £9.99) Solving the Neolithic Universe Expanded Edition (about $12.99)

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    A Review

    For those who have read Jon Morris' 2011 novel "The Broken Stone and the Secret of the Heavens' Henge", or the more conservative 2012 treatment of the current title, be of good cheer! Any and all questions that may linger within these initial presentations are fully answered and expanded upon.

    Profusely illustrated and with in-depth descriptions of all of his ground-breaking ideas, "Stonehenge: Solving the Neolithic Universe (v.2)" is a comprehensive immersion into the theory that the mysterious pile of rocks out on the Salisbury Plain was, among other things, intended as both an illustration and demonstration of a working Geocentric Universe, which is shown to have been well-understood by its Builders 5000 years ago.
    This was not theoretical to them ― this was demonstrable Proof of Fact.

    By guiding the Reader to the same conclusions, Mr Morris has tasked us to examine not only the physical nature and shape of Stonehenge itself, but how the incorporation of many, previously misinterpreted features across Southern England ― indeed Ireland ― had been created as simple experiments to understand the Nature of the Universe. Found to be completely valid, their progressive learning curve was ultimately reflected in the unique construction of the most famous prehistoric monument in the world.
    Fascinating and compelling stuff!

    Vetted by some of the leading researchers of the UK Neolithic Era, Jon Morris' expansive overview and inclusive insight clearly illustrates the layered purpose and compounded cultural intent of a monument which has baffled both hard science and the idly curious for countless generations.

    4 of 5 stars
    ND Wiseman
    22 September 2013